During this time, we are all in need of feel-good and inspiring moments. One event that creates a feel-good mood and lasting impact each year is the Inspire Film Festival.

The festival's slogan is “Come as you are, leave different” which we have all done since social distancing began. Nothing can compare to the environment you experience while attending this festival in person and we are looking forward to enjoying it again in the future.

For now, turn on your television and stream these documentaries and films which were featured previously at the Inspire Film Festival.

Skid Row Marathon

Skid Row Marathon - Documentary | 1hr 25min

The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm - PG | 2018 Documentary | 1hr 31 min

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo - TV14 | Documentary | 1hr 39 min

Check back soon for more suggestions, we will add new films to this list weekly.

Inspire Film Festival is a five-day cinematic experience dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films, speakers, performances and special events that celebrate the human spirit of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.