Businesses choose to open in The Woodlands for a multitude of reasons: a vibrant shopping and dining scene, natural beauty, walking trails. Everyone has something different that drew them to The Woodlands, and we wanted to hear it from the business owners themselves. Why The Woodlands? 


Frozen Yogurt at Sweet Frozen Bar in The Woodlands, Texas

Sweets To The Sweet and Sweet Frozen Bar offer a variety of delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt treats.

Sweets to The Sweet Owner, Jorge Oropesa

Jorge Oropesa, Owner of Sweets To The Sweet and Sweet Frozen Bar.


"I decided to open up Sweets to the Sweet and Sweet frozen Bar in the Woodlands because I wanted to share happiness through treats with the families in this community."

- Jorge Oropesa, Owner of Sweets to the Sweet and Sweet Frozen Bar

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Flamingo Rodeo at Market Street in The Woodlands, an interior design store

Flamingo Rodeo Interiors specializes in unique art and home furnishings.

Heidi Smith, Flamingo Rodeo Interiors Founder

Heidi Smith, Founder & Owner of Flamingo Rodeo Interiors


"Hailing from South Louisiana and having lived in the vibrant cities of Southern California, New York City, and the Bay Area, I developed a deep appreciation for design aesthetics with a modern twist. When I made the move to The Woodlands, Texas, I saw a unique opportunity to introduce this fusion of design to the community.

I chose The Woodlands because it embodies the perfect mix of qualities that effortlessly complemented my vision. Its serene natural beauty, strong sense of community, and the welcoming spirit of its residents all resonated with my life-long desire to own a small business. Inspired by my experiences in diverse cities across the country and grounded in my southern roots, our collection showcases handpicked treasures, from antique pieces to carefully curated décor with a modern twist.

Since opening our doors, we've received an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community. Our store has become a gathering place for those seeking to infuse their homes with our curated designs and the fresh touch of modern aesthetics. The support of The Woodlands has been heartwarming, and I'm thrilled to continue this journey, providing the community with our distinctive blend of styles."

- Heidi Smith, Owner and Principal Designer at Flamingo Rodeo Interiors

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Interior of Lucchese bootmaker with shirts, shoes, and more in The Woodlands Texas


“Lucchese’s expansion of its retail arm has been an exciting priority this year, but what is more exciting is the opportunity to connect with existing brand fans and engage with new and curious ones in a market that feels like home. The Woodlands community appreciates a curated, qualitative experience, and Lucchese looks forward to providing just that through connection, craftmanship, and heritage.”

-  Dough Kindy, President of Lucchese Bootmaker

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