The Woodlands is open for business, but the health and safety of our community remains our top priority. Travel confidently knowing our local businesses are doing everything they can to serve our visitors and our community in the safest way possible.

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The Woodlands Film Commission

With guidance from the Texas Film Commission, the goal of The Woodlands Film Commission is to facilitate productions of all sizes and top quality resources to film in The Woodlands. Our proximity to a major airport, first class hotels, dining and entertainment opportunities, in addition to a wide variety of potential filming locations, makes The Woodlands a great place to film. The Woodlands continues to be a desired location for major commercial productions. 

All applications must be submitted through the portal below.

View Frequently Asked QuestionsFor additional questions and assistance on The Woodlands Film Commission, please reach out to Sonia Guerrero at


The Woodlands Area Film Commission does not charge an application processing fee.









PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. If you would like to use a park, please name the park you would like to use. If you are interested in The Woodlands Waterway, please indicate which section you would like to use.

The applicant may be required to hire off-duty local law enforcement officers for security, crowd control, and/or traffic control during filming depending on the location and type of filming. The total number of law enforcement officers working at the location will be determined by law enforcement with jurisdiction over the filming location. Potential fees could be assessed.

A separate location agreement may be required for use of the specified filming locations.




If any of the following components will be part of your event, please check the appropriate boxes. In so doing, you may be required to contact and obtain additional permits or incur additional fees:

Alcohol: TABC (936) 756-0050
Fireworks: The Woodlands Fire Department (281) 367-3444
Food, Beverage and/or Merchandise Sale: Montgomery County Health Department (936) 539-7839
Park or Township Property: The Woodlands Township (281) 210-3800
Harris County sections of The Woodlands: Harris County Public Health Department (713) 439-6000
Shenandoah City limits: City of Shenandoah (281) 298-5522


The applicant shall procure and keep in full force and effect for the duration of the filming, minimum insurance written by an insurance company approved by the State of Texas and acceptable to all applicable additional insured parties and issued in the standard form approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. All provisions of each policy must be acceptable to all applicable additional insured parties

Click here to view insurance requirements.


The applicant may be required to provide law enforcement officers for security, crowd control, and/or traffic control during filming. The total number of law enforcement officers working at the location will be determined by the applicable location agreement and/or law enforcement with jurisdiction for the location.



The Woodlands Area Film Commission reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny and/or revoke any commercial filming approvals if the applicant makes a false statement of material fact on the application or fails to comply with, or any subsequent activities are in violation of, any provision of the commercial filming approval, or any other applicable law.

The commercial filming approval may also be denied or revoked if The Woodlands Township President, applicable chief of police department, applicable county sheriff’s department, or the applicable chief of the fire department determines the activity poses a serious threat to public health, safety or welfare.

If a commercial filming approval is denied or revoked, The Woodlands Area Film Commission shall notify the applicant by phone and by certified mail.



In consideration of the consideration of this application, and as a condition of issuing commercial filming approval, the commercial filming applicant hereby agrees to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Woodlands Township or the governing entity with jurisdiction over the applicable filming location(s), The Woodlands Area Film Commission, The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau d/b/a Visit The Woodlands, any additional property owner of a subject filming location, and each and all of their officers, directors and employees against any and all suits, causes of action or claims for injuries, damages, costs and expenses to persons or property, whether public or private, that may relate to, arise out of, or have any connection to the filming or filming activities undertaken by the applicant or in accord with or related to the commercial filming application, including, but not limited to, any negligence, breach of contract, trespass, nuisance, or any other cause of action, claim, damage, demand, loss, act, omission or misconduct of the applicant or it’s agents, representatives, contractors, or employees.



Filming company is granted the irrevocable right to use the recordings taken by company in perpetuity.



Filming company shall have no right to use The Woodlands name without express written consent from The Woodlands Land Development Company, L.P.

The Woodlands Land Development Company
Attn: General Counsel, Legal Department
1790 Hughes Landing Blvd., Ste. 600
The Woodlands, TX 77380



By signing this document, I certify that the information provided above is correct and I acknowledge having read and understood the information contained in this application. I agree to conduct the filming in compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances, laws, orders, and any conditions contained in any location agreements.

Plese type in your full name to sign this document.

* Indicates a required field.


Note: No commercial filming application will be processed until all necessary permits, licenses, and certificates of insurance are received by The Woodlands Film Commission c/o The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau d/b/a Visit The Woodlands. The listed insured on the Certificate of Insurance must cross-reference the applicant’s organization and address. 

Effective 06/03/2020: On-set/on-location media production may operate provided they can comply with state-recommended safety guidelines, as outlined in the Open Texas Checklist for Media Production.

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