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We're glad you love our photos, but please don't steal them!

Copyright Statement


Our team works hard to create beautiful photos to help inspire travel to The Woodlands. Travel creates memories for families, while generating economic impact for the community and contributing to quality of life for the residents. We regret that we cannot provide photography for individual or commercial usage for purposes other than travel journalism and meetings. If you meet this requirement, you can request images here. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your support of travel & tourism in The Woodlands! 


All written content, photography and videography used on is owned by Visit The Woodlands or has been used with special permission. In addition to original content created by our staff, Visit The Woodlands works with paid vendors, including writers, photographers and videographers, that have provided Visit The Woodlands exclusive rights to use content in a specific way, for its intended purpose only.


You may also see user generated content featured on our website. Visit The Woodlands has been granted special permission to use this content by the owner. View the terms and conditions of our Hashtag Rights Request here. If you'd like your content to be featured on our website, please tag us on social using #SoWoodlands.


Use of written content, photography or videography either edited or as-is is not permitted without expressed, written permission from Visit The Woodlands. Content is protected by all applicable copyright laws and usage agreements and improper use of content is punishable to the full extent of the law. In addition, Visit The Woodlands reserves the right to disallow the use of content by any party at any time and without explanation or cause.


Visit The Woodlands is funded by hotel occupancy taxes from the 14 hotels located within The Woodlands Township boundaries. As such, Visit The Woodlands funds, and all assets created with those funds, are to be used in accordance with laws set forth by the Texas Comptrollers Office. This means our assets should only be used to promote tourism and bring convention business to The Woodlands. Read more about us and our mission here. 

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