Can art help to unify and heal our post-election community and our nation? The Woodlands Arts Council(TWAC) plans to find out with its announcement of an ARTFEEL 10-week public art celebration. Starting Wednesday, December 9th, ARTFEEL will create a social media post that spotlights a specific public artwork located in The Woodlands and ask followers to share how the work makes him/her feel. 

The goal is to get online conversations about public art spreading across social media in efforts to replace the current politically charged negativity with art-centered positivity and to use public art as a unifying force in our community.  

Participants are encouraged to write, post a photo, video, screen-grab – share anything that illustrates the emotion the artwork is evoking in them. The rules are there are no rules –and that is the fun! 

Like the public art it celebrates, ARTFEEL is free and for everyone. To participate, simply LIKE and FOLLOW The Woodlands Arts Council on Facebook and Instagram


ArtFeel Logo


Could discussions about public art help bring a nation divided back together? Join us as we see what bubbles up when people talk about public art! 

Like most live performances, ARTFEEL, the live show (in its 3rd year) has been “dark” during the coronavirus. The next ARTFEEL live show is slated for February 10th in 2021 back on the Market Street outdoor stage! 

ARTFEEL, a TWAC “Because Art Matters” community arts appreciation initiative, aims to fix that by encouraging resident engagement with public art in The Woodlands. Learn more about ARTFEEL here.