Birding in The Woodlands

The Woodlands is on the Central and Mississippi Flyways.

Birding in The Woodlands

Birdwatching, or birding, is a relaxing and rewarding pastime that allows you to be at one with nature. In The Woodlands, natural beauty is around every corner and there are plenty of wildlife moments to enjoy, if you know where to look. With a little patience and luck on your side, there are some incredible birds to spot in this corner of the world.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy birding in The Woodlands.



The Great Texas Birding Classic is the biggest birding tournament in Texas. Every year in April, novice and experienced birdwatchers are invited to join in and discover more about the birds that call The Woodlands home.

As part of the event’s ‘Big Sit’, bird watchers of all ages are invited to count and identify as many birds as possible during a specific time window. It's free to attend, and a fun annual event that everyone enjoys participating in, even if they've never birdwatched before.


George Mitchell Nature Preserve in The Woodlands, Texas. Creekside Park West Trail.


The George Mitchell Nature Preserve is a natural habitat for birds with 1,800 acres of picturesque scenery to explore. With well-maintained trails winding around ancient trees and native plant life, the preserve is one of the best places to visit for outdoor recreation. A new bird blind is also being built at the Creekside Park West Trailhead, located on Ann Snyder Drive in Creekside. 

There are several species of resident and migrating birdlife to spot in this part of The Woodlands, including Sandhill Cranes, Waterfowl, Teals, Wigeons, and Gadwalls. Always keep your eyes peeled for the mighty Bald Eagle soaring overhead.  

The George Mitchell Nature Preserve can also be accessed at the Flintridge Drive Trailhead, near The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park, or from the aerial adventure course, Texas TreeVentures.  


Crane at Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands, Texas


At Rob Fleming Park, birding backpacks are available to rent for free. Inside the backpack, you will find binoculars, local bird identification guides, a folding campstool, park and pathways maps, a notebook, and bird guides in both English and Spanish.

You can check out a backpack for up to one week. Reserve one by calling 281-516-7348 or visit The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park.


Lake and trees at Lakeside Park in The Woodlands, Texas


The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail explores birding sites along the Texas Gulf Coast from Kingsville to Goliad. The Woodlands is part of Upper Texas Coast section of the trail, which is home to several fascinating species of birdlife.


There are several magnificent birds to observe as you explore The Woodlands. There are regular sightings of eagles in the area. A family of Bald Eagles live off Grogan’s Mill Road, near The Woodlands United Methodist Church. 


Although the Northern Cardinal is a frequent visitor to most backyards in Texas, this attractive bird is a rarity in several parts of North America. Bird enthusiasts travel for miles to catch a glimpse of its eye-catching red feathers.

The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker is an endangered species which prefers a precise habitat. This species of woodpecker thrives in mature long-leaf pine forests with little understory. There is a population of these rare birds just outside The Woodlands in the W.G. Jones State Forest.

Keep track of all the birds you see, and connect with other birdwatchers online at You can also use eBird to discover more birding hotspots in and around The Woodlands.

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