The Woodlands was designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem.



The Woodlands was designed to allow people and businesses to thrive in a natural setting. Sustainability was at the heart of founder George Mitchell’s vision, which he developed with intention. One of his passions was to preserve the native pine forest and plant species, striking a careful balance between the urban and natural environment. This care for The Woodlands' natural beauty continues today in several ways.  


Since its inception in 1974, The Woodlands has continued to follow Mr. Mitchell’s plan for the community and maintains approximately 25 - 28% of its green spaces. This allows residents and visitors alike to enjoy amazing outdoor experiences, from hiking through the George Mitchell Nature Preserve, to thrilling days out at Texas TreeVentures and many rounds of golf at championship courses.  

According to the National Recreation and Parks Association, The Woodlands has 38.3 acres of open space per 1,000 residents, which is 74% above the national average.



In 2022, The Woodlands became the world’s largest master-planned community to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) precertification by the U.S Green Building Council. Joining a group of elite cities around the world with the same mission, The Woodlands was recognized by LEED for its dedication to sustainability and the high standard of living for its residents.  



The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department has a series of programs designed to support sustainable living in the community.

One of the department’s responsibilities is to educate residents about water conservation. There are free events, classes, and seminars available to raise awareness and encourage people to incorporate conservation techniques into their daily lives.In addition, there are regular clean up events hosted by the department and in association with initiatives such as The Great American Cleanup and America Recycles Day. Other educational programs include waste management, mosquito surveillance and sustainable gardening.  

Aerial photo of Woodlands Parkway in The Woodlands, TExas



Over the past several years, approximately 60,000 trees and seedlings have been planted throughout The Woodlands. This is part of The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department's Integrated Forestry Management Plan, which has a goal to plant at least two times the number of trees that are removed each year. 


Pathways in The Woodlands


The Woodlands GREEN is a charitable organization working closely with The Woodlands Township on their sustainable mission. There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer or participant, including the Arbor Day Tree Giveaway, Earth Day Greenup, 3R Recycling events and the Invasive Species Task Force.

One of the charity’s latest projects is the rain barrels initiative. By purchasing a rain barrel, residents in The Woodlands can reduce their utility costs by collecting and conserving rainwater, which can be used around the home for gardening, watering the lawn or even washing the car.

Two people walking across a bridge in The Woodlands, Texas


As The Woodlands continues to grow, George R. Mitchell's vision for a sustainable community will remain a core pillar that directs and guides the area's development. Thanks to the sustainability and preservation efforts of The Woodlands Township and other local organizations, residents, visitors, and conference attendees will always be able to experience a harmonious blend of nature and modern luxury while enjoying The Woodlands. 

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