The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion recently implemented the Arts in Action award program to recognize, reward and encourage talent and achievement in the performing arts among middle and junior high school students around the greater Houston area. 

The Pavilion recognized ten students from several school districts that were nominated by their music teacher/director, not only for their excellence as artists, but for the dedication, leadership and commitment to their entire school community. Award winners received a certificate and small prize for their honor from The Pavilion and will be featured on The Pavilion’s social and digital marketing channels.

"The Pavilion is dedicated to supporting students studying the fine arts in and around our community," said Jerry MacDonald, president and CEO of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. "It's an honor for us to recognize these outstanding artists as part of our mission and I commend them all on their loyalty and commitment to the arts.”

Arts in Action Prize Winner, Rachel Roth

  • Kate Amend, Hofius Intermediate School
  • Gracie Brumlow, Brabham Middle School
  • Kheriyanna Donato, Bammel Middle School
  • Zoe Holmes, Hofius Intermediate School
  • Henry Patino, Hofius Intermediate School
  • Raul Pulido, Hofius Intermediate School
  • Rachel Roth, Schindewolf Intermediate School
  • Sarah Simmons, Doerre Intermediate School
  • Sara Springett, Doerre Intermediate School
  • Alex Torres, McCullough Junior High School

“This student takes the world and culture of theatre arts very seriously.  She attends all rehearsals and assists other students in the rehearsal process.  She is able to not only memorize all of her own lines and blocking, but even the lines and blocking of her fellow cast members,” says one nominating teacher. 

A performing arts student from Hofius Intermediate School poses with her Arts in Action Award certificate from The Pavilion.

As part of their non-profit mission, The Pavilion creates and facilitates programs that enable the next generation of artists to grow and learn. The Arts in Action award program gave the organization an opportunity to impact arts students that due to COVID-19 were not able to attend physical events at the venue.

“He displays a strong sense of character and commitment to the craft of theatre. He is constantly working on improving his acting and technical skills.  His gentle, humble nature makes him an ease to work with and want to be around.  I am so excited to see him flourish,” says another teacher of their nominated student.

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