The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion held its inaugural concert season in 1990. With classical performances and educational events being the primary goal of the performing arts facility. Physical art pieces being on The Pavilion's property were also a major focus of the venue's appearance. With several sculptures, being the underwriter to an art bench, and commissioning a well-known graffiti artist, The Pavilion's art collection is well-thought-out and planned to enhance the already fun and pleasing atmosphere that the venue provides to visitors and concert-goers.

Commemorative Tribute to Cynthia Woods Mitchell

Commemorative Tribute to Cynthia Woods Mitchell


The Commemorative Tribute to Cynthia Woods Mitchell by Jay Hester was given to Mrs. Mitchell by her husband, George P. Mitchell, and was installed at The Pavilion's North Entrance on Mother's Day in 2001. The multi-figure sculpture portrays Cynthia Mitchell (The Pavilion's namesake), as she reads a book to three children. The piece is meant to display her love for children and the arts.

Commemorative Tribute to George P. Mitchell


The Commemorative Tribute to George P. Mitchell is a bronze sculpture of George P. Mitchell (the developer of The Woodlands), by Jay Hester. Installed in 1997 just outside the North Entrance of The Pavilion, the art piece includes Mr. Mitchell and two of his grandchildren sitting on a park bench.

Smokedance Sculpture at The Pavilion

Smokedance Sculpture at The Pavilion


Smokedance is one of the more unique art features at The Pavilion. It's actually a series of six pieces that are located in and around the venue. This bronze sculpture series by Dale Garman was installed in 1989 prior to The Pavilion opening and was commissioned by Mrs. Mitchell herself. Dedication of the "Cynthia Woods Mitchell Smokedance Garden" was held prior to a Houston Symphony concert on April 29, 2010, during a special concert to celebrate her life (Cynthia Woods Mitchell passed away in December 2009). The dedication also included a butterfly release in Cynthia's honor.

Saint Arnold Mural at The Pavilion


The Saint Arnold Mural by Gonzo was painted during a Leon Bridges show at The Pavilion on April 26, 2019. Well-known graffiti artist, Mario E. Figueroa (more widely known as Gonzo247) is famously known as an aerosol artist in the Houston area. The colorful mural depicts The Pavilion and a figure of Saint Arnold Brewing Company's logo. Click here to see a time-lapse of Gonzo while he designs and paints the mural! 

Ode to Joy Art Bench

Ode to Joy Art Bench


Just outside The Pavilion, near The Woodlands Waterway sits an Art Bench called Ode to Joy, by Dan Skaggs. Along the back of the bench is a staff with music that, when played, is Beethoven's famous "Ode to Joy" melody. The piano keys on the bench are made of white marble and black granite. The bench was underwritten by The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion through The Woodlands Waterway Arts Council's Art Bench Program.

Art Outside The Pavilion

Insider Tip: For Pavilion Guests with access to the Woodforest Bank Club during a concert (typically season seat holders), we suggest taking a look at the inside stairwell to see many photos and memorabilia on the walls which showcases the history of The Pavilion.

Woodforest Bank Club Memorabilia Wall

Whether you are walking along The Woodlands Waterway or are staying at a nearby hotel, many of these art pieces are outside The Pavilion's gates and those that aren't are somewhat viewable even when The Pavilion is closed for the off-season or when a concert isn't happening. View the complete list of public art in The Woodlands here.