Wanalee and Adam Gorelick are elevating authentic Thai food in The Woodlands with their friend and business partner, Ann Middleton. Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar, which officially opened in May, is quickly becoming a must-visit for local foodies.  

“We’ve had a really great welcome,” said Wanalee. “Sometimes people feel like The Woodlands is a bubble and don’t want to leave just for food, so we brought the good food and good experience [of Charm Thai] to The Woodlands.”   

Charm Thai Kitchen and Bar Owners, Adam Gorelick, Ann Middleton, Wanalee Gorelick

Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar Owners, Adam Gorelick, Ann Middleton, and Wanalee Gorelick

Prior to opening Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar, Wanalee and Adam saw success with Charm Thai Bistro in Spring. Charm Thai Bistro was their third restaurant endeavor, featuring authentic dishes and notable hospitality that led to a dedicated following and the opportunity to expand.  

They set their eyes on The Woodlands and planned to raise the bar through specialized restaurant decor, a unique bar program, and clever menu items. Ann, who has played an instrumental role since the beginning of the couple’s restaurant endeavors, was brought on as a partner for Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar.  

The new restaurant at the corner of Research Forest Drive and Technology Forest Boulevard has established itself as a prime spot for date nights, business lunches, and celebrations. Guests can enjoy a spacious dining area and private dining room that seats 24. Additionally, the bar program that Adam has developed offers fresh squeezed-juices, in-house infusions, and a large selection of whiskeys. 

Phuket Fashioned at Charm Thai Kitchen and Bar in The Woodlands, Texas

Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar in The Woodlands, Texas

Of course, the Thai dishes are the main attraction. Wanalee and Ann, both from Thailand, emphasize authenticity and freshness. The new location in The Woodlands is also home to Chef Opa and Oudy, who have over thirty years of experience creating and curating Thai dishes.  

“As we opened, Adam and I and our two chefs worked together on the menu,” said Wanalee. “Each week, we would have a meeting to summarize what we learned from the customers and change our menu based on suggestions.”  

Much of the original menu came from Charm Thai Bistro in Spring, but there are a handful of items exclusive to The Woodlands – like the Pad Thai sauce and Kao Soi. These recipes are passed down from Chef Opa’s grandmother, who once owned a restaurant in North Thailand.  

Chor-Muang from Charm Thai Kitchen and Bar in The Woodlands, Texas

Thai Roti and Curry at Charm Thai Kitchen and Bar in The Woodlands, Texas

While Chefs Opa and Oudy have elevated the authentic Thai cuisine, Ann has ensured that the hospitality at Charm Thai Kitchen & Bar is unmatched. Wanalee and Adam have poured their all into it, selling their previous businesses – Noe's Crepes, Coffee & Tea in The Woodlands and Thai Kitchen in Sugarland – and using proceeds to renovate their new space.  

Wanalee and Adam are no strangers to business risks. They both left medical school to pursue their restaurant passions, starting with Noe’s Crepes, Coffee & Tea. With Ann by their side, the team is excited to bring a new local spot to The Woodlands – where all three of them live and where Adam grew up.  

“We don’t cut corners,” said Wanalee. “We all want to bring good, quality, fresh tasting food to our customers in The Woodlands. We care for every detail.”   


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