Market Street in The Woodlands is known as a place to enjoy luxury shopping and dining. The lifestyle center often hosts outdoor concerts and art-based events, much like the rest of The Woodlands, the award-winning area of Market Street located in The Woodlands Town Center is also home to a collection of public art. Learn more about sculptures featured in and around the Central Park area of the shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

Market Street Public Art: Sculpture - Free Money

Market Street Public Art: Sculpture - Free Money


One of the most playful art pieces in the public art collection at Market Street is Free Money. The sculpture features two small characters, only three-feet high dancing atop a money bag. Guests can easily find this sculpture near Jasper's Gourmet Backyard Cuisine, in a planter bed by outdoor seating on the Northwest side of Central Park.

Public Art in Market Street: Primrose


A loveable sculpture of a burrow named Primrose is a favorite among children who visit Market Street! The young burrow who stands just over four feet tall is located in Central Park near the spray ground and Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar. During the warmer months, guests will find children running to and from the sculpture and the spray ground.

Public Art in Market Street: Spammy

Public Art in Market Street: Spammy


Spammy is a miniature sculpture standing only two feet and seven inches tall. If walking by too quickly, guests may miss this adorable pig who appears to be riding inside of a small wheelbarrow. Spammy can be found hitching a ride on the Southwest side of Central Park in a planter bed near the outdoor seating area and Jasper's.

Market Street Public Art: Woodlands Cardinal

Market Street Public Art: Woodlands Cardinal


As the tallest sculpture in Market Street, Woodlands Cardinals stands at twelve feet tall, it's also the only bronzed sculpture in Market Street that is painted. We've heard from visitors that this particular sculpture reminds them of a winter day. Guests can find Woodlands Cardinals between Bath & Body Works and Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Market Street Public Art: Two Plus Two Equals One


Two Plus Two Equal One is the only sculpture in Market Street containing human-like subject matter, the four feet two inches tall sculpture features two bicyclists riding alongside one another. This sculpture gives a gentle nod to The Woodlands bicycling community. The Woodlands has been recognized by The League of American Bicyclists with a Bronze level designation for being a Bicycle-Friendly community and the area offers over 220 miles of winding pathways for riders to enjoy. Two Plus Two Equal One can be found at the South Commons near Cinemark and Club Monaco.

Insider Tip: If you happen to catch yourself in Market Street on a rainy day, the area offer complimentary umbrellas to guests, umbrellas are located outside many storefronts as well as our Visitor Information Center. You can stop by our Visitor Information Center for more than an umbrella, they also offer complimentary concierge-level assistance with dining reservations, directions, and more!