The Waterway that runs throughout The Woodlands is not just a beautiful feature for our area. It’s a great place for exercise and relaxation. From renting kayaks to taking a paddle on a swan boat, there are plenty of ways to get on the water and explore. One method that is growing in popularity is paddleboard yoga.

Stand-up paddleboard yoga (or SUP Yoga) is doing yoga while standing on a paddleboard and floating on water,” explains Tasha Summers, Yoga Instructor & Owner/Creator of SUP Yoga The Woodlands. “We use anchors to keep us in place during class but that does not mean it makes it easier, the anchors allow us to not worry about floating away down the lake or running into the edges.”

SUP classes take place at Riva Row Boathouse at 2101 Riva Row. This is the fourth year for the classes. Summers says working out in the outdoors really takes your exercise to the next level.

For me, the main benefit of SUP Yoga is being outside with nature,” said Summers. “We are among the trees, we feel the water, wind, sun, and we get to see ducks/birds fly by. There is something rejuvenating and grounding about spending time on the water with nature and that is what I hope everyone leaves class feeling.”

The SUP classes are geared towards all skill levels. Even if it is your first time trying out this type of exercise, you will still fit right in.

Our body has to learn how to do stand & balance & paddle and then move,” explains Summers. “So each class we start easy and slow. The paddle out to our anchors helps students get warmed up and comfortable on the board. When the yoga starts we take it slow just getting a feel for how the board moves when we move. With each pose, there is modification available to remain seated or your knees.”

Some physical benefits of SUP include increased balance and awareness around the stability muscles. SUP builds strength in the whole core and increases flexibility. The class has about 40 mins of paddling that works all muscle groups. But we wanted to know, what if you fall in the water? Believe it or not, Summers actually encourages it!

"I believe that when we fall we are letting go of control and fear and we are finding our limits and that is beautiful because so much of our everyday lives we live in control or are looking for control. So this is a way to not worry about life for a little while. Have permission to fall, laugh, play!”

Classes are two hours long and are open to ages 14 and up. The cost is $40 per person and you are encouraged to register ahead of time for the class. You can call 281-210-3965 to register or check online for the latest schedule.