Lighting of the Doves Festival

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Lighting of The Doves

NOVEMBER 19, 2022

Kicking off a bright and beautiful holiday season, Lighting of the Doves is a long-standing tradition in The Woodlands with the ceremonial illumination of the giant doves attracting many visitors each year.

The 40th Annual Lighting of the Doves event has been cancelled due to challenges for setup given the continued rain and weather impact over the past 24 hours.  While the event was initially pushed back in hopes to be able to host some exciting portions of the night, the status at this time will not allow for the production of Santa’s arrival to Town Green Park, Lighting of the Doves, and fireworks this evening.  We hope everyone has a jolly start to their holiday and enjoys all the festive lights in this wonderful community this season.

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Free parking will be available at the Orange, Yellow, Blue, and White Lots near 2002 Timberloch Place. Other designated parking areas include the Town Center Parking Garage and Gold Lot and surface lot at the southeast corner of Lake Robbins and Six Pines Drive. Accessible parking is available in the Green Lot off Riva Row and Timberloch Place. Guests must have a valid placard or plate for access to this parking lot.