New Horizons Hospitality is taking the next step in its energy saving and environmentally-friendly initiatives by installing Tesla chargers in the Hyatt Place - The Woodlands parking lot. This hotel property is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and is dedicated to providing an environmentally-friendly place to stay in The Woodlands. 

Bedroom at Hyatt Place in The Woodlands, Texas

Hyatt Place Houston The Woodlands meeting space in The Woodlands, Texas

Hyatt Place - The Woodlands has been focused on energy saving initiatives since it first opened in 2014 as Hyatt's second LEED Silver property in Texas. Not only is the hotel's design aesthetically appealing, with hotel rooms, meeting space, and public areas looking out into surrounding greenery, but it was also created with the environment in mind. The dynamic design focuses on energy efficiency, sustainability, reduced water consumption, water usage, and recycling for guests and staff. Hyatt Place's high-efficiency lighting and cooling systems also save approximately 551,677 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. 

In 2015, Hyatt Place partnered with Renewable Choice to support renewable energy and offset their use of electricity. Their purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) ensure that clean, wind energy is being generated and put back on the national power grid. This reinforced Hyatt Place's dedication to reducing their dependency on fossil fuels, promoting cleaner air, and fighting global climate change. This, paired with the hotel's energy efficient design, saves 389 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide - equivalent to eliminating gas emissions of 81 cars.

Hyatt Place Houston The Woodlands Lobby Area in The Woodlands, Texas

Tesla charger with Tesla truck in background at Hyatt Place in The Woodlands, Texas

Hyatt Place continues to support the reduction of carbon emissions with their newest addition: Tesla chargers. Providing these chargers in the parking lot will encourage visitors with electric cars to stay at this energy-efficient property and make electric chargers more accessible in The Woodlands. Currently, there are approximately 25 charging stations throughout The Woodlands, including several at Market Street and The Woodlands Mall

From the very first day that we started designing the Hyatt Place The Woodlands, our company has placed a great emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability,” said Aly Valiani, President of New Horizons Hospitality and Owner of Hyatt Place The Woodlands.

“The hotel is LEED Silver certified. LEED is the world’s most widely used green building rating system which provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, which offer environmental, social and governance benefits. Adding Tesla chargers to our property was the next step we needed to take to stay committed to this core component of Hyatt Place The Woodlands. We are excited to offer this new feature to our customers and plan to continue enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability on our property as we move forward.”

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Woman charging her Tesla at Hyatt Place in The Woodlands, Texas

Woman opening door of her Tesla at Hyatt Place in The Woodlands, Texas