Back Table Kitchen & Bar is a family-friendly relaxed dining experience located at The Woodlands Resort. Back Table offers Happy Hour and Dinner daily and Brunch on weekends. Dine al fresco on The Back Porch, the restaurant's outdoor terrace. As an added bonus, outdoor lawn games are often available. Back Table also has an indoor game room with foosball, shuffleboard, and darts.

Truffled Deviled Eggs

Hickory Smoked Wings from Back Table


For an easily shareable bite, try the Truffle and Crab Deviled Eggs. Each order includes four eggs. These tasty starters are full of flavor and are the perfect way to begin your dining experience at Back Table.

Move over traditional wings, this new Back Table staple undergoes a detailed cooking process, The Hickory Smoked Wings are quite the surprise! They are dry-cured overnight, then smoked with a house hot sauce and soaked in buttermilk, and breaded with a combination of corn flour, cornstarch, and rice flour which makes them extra crispy. The dish is then topped with blue cheese and pickled peppers. Since the sauce is underneath the breading, this is virtually a mess-free wing! 

Insider Tip: Although they are breaded wings, they are still gluten-free.

Kale Salad at Back Table


For a salad with a slight cajun kick, try the Kale Salad. The salad is complete with Kale and is tossed in a citrus vinaigrette, with pickled fennel and oranges, and then topped with shaved parmesan and a crispy cajun spiced kale. This light and flavorful salad is perfect on its own for your meal or for the table to share.



From a delightful vegetarian dish to fish and beef, the entrees available at Back Table are sure to leave guests satisfied and eager to return. For a vegetarian option, try the Vegetables and Polenta, it's a delicious entree that even a non-vegetarian like myself enjoyed. The dish includes polenta, seasonal vegetables, and sweet potatoes. Another light option is the Blackend Redfish which offers Cajun-inspired flavors with its sides, crispy fingerling potatoes, and shaved cucumber which is tossed in a Creole cream cheese tzatziki.

For an extra filling meal, try the Steak Frites, a juicy hanger steak served with a Back Table staple, Duck Fat Fries. For something extra savory and tender, try the Bordeaux Braised Chuck Short Rib, which is slow-cooked for six hours! The short rib sits on a bed of black-eyed peas and is topped with pecan gremolata and fresh horseradish.

Tres Leches from Back Table


Top off your meal with a slice of Tres Leches! This dessert is anything but ordinary, it's inspired by an old-fashioned cocktail that is bourbon-scented and topped with orange slices, a cherry, and a dried orange peel. 

Back Table Chef Jonathan Lestingi

Ladies Enjoying Drinks at Back Table Kitchen & Bar


Back Table Kitchen & Bar recently announced the addition of chef de cuisine of note, Jonathan Lestingi.

While I loved my time in New Orleans, I’m so excited to be in The Woodlands. It’s such a picturesque and sophisticated community, said Lestingi. I’ve really enjoyed connecting to customers at The Woodlands Resort and appreciate the discerning palates and appreciation of quality food that seems to be prevalent with locals and our hotel guests alike," said Chef Lestingi.

His experience and time spent in many of New Orleans' top restaurants under award-winning chefs are bringing a reimagined and southern-inspired menu to The Woodlands Resort's on-site restaurant. The updated dining and drink menu at Back Table features multiple items which immediately reflect the southern inspiration that Lestingi has planned out.

"With some of the new Back Table Kitchen & Bar menu items, there’s an unmistakable infusion of flavors inspired by the years I spent in New Orleans, where I was fortunate to work in the kitchens of many of the Crescent City’s top restaurants."


Back Table Kitchen & Bar is ready to serve guests of The Woodlands Resort, and visitors of The Woodlands as well as locals. In addition to many delectable meal offerings, the restaurant also has a creative cocktail and expansive wine menu. Make your reservations soon, enjoy!

  • Brunch: Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Happy Hour: Daily: 4 to 6 p.m., bar area only
  • Reverse Happy Hour: Sunday through Thursday: 9 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday: 9 to 11 p.m., bar area only
  • Dinner: Sunday through Thursday: 5 to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday: 5 to 10 p.m.