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Seductions is a group exhibition at Glade Gallery, featuring prominent local artists from the Houston region as well as far away. This exhibit is a twist on the traditional romantic mindset that comes along with the Valentine's Day holiday.

In today's society and recent events forcing us to spend more time isolated, our awareness is brought to our relationships with ourselves as well as with significant others. This trend makes us question what seduces us? Art of course, says Glade Gallery's Curator, Annette Palmer.

Seductions Exhibit at Glade: Art by Annette Palmer


Glade Gallery Curator, Annette Palmer, is also an exhibitor for the show with several pieces on display. These three abstract pieces titled, "The Warm Room", "Nightingale", and "I'm Worth It" were painted in 2010, are much different than any of the other works she has previously displayed at Glade. Scottish-born and now a resident of The Woodlands, Annette has two other pieces on display at this exhibit. The unique figurative pieces were painted in 2012 using a cigar box as her canvas.

Insider Tip: Since Annette is also the Curator at Glade she is there often, plan ahead and call the gallery to see if you can meet her to talk about each of her pieces and receive details about the other artists during your visit.

Glade Gallery: Prints from the Glade Collection


Also included in the Seductions exhibit are limited edition serigraphs by artist Froylan Ojeda. A Mexican post-war and contemporary painter, Ojeda was born in Veracruz in 1932 and died in 1991. Many of the featured serigraphs are signed and numbered. This and other limited edition prints are a part of The Glade Collection.

Insider Tip: The Glade Collection is a collection of limited edition prints and originals now owned by Glade Gallery. They were purchased from a prominent Houston art collector and many of the pieces have not been shown in a gallery setting for years, if ever.

Glade Gallery Exhibit: Hich by Ashkan Roayaee

Glade Gallery Exhibit: Prints by Ashkan Roayaee


Houston-based photographer, Ashkan Roayaee, originally from Tehran, Iran, Roayaee is widely known for his photography skills and primarily featuring professional ballet dancers. As a collaboration with the Houston Ballet, Roayaee has photographed many of its dancers. Several of the other prints exhibited at Glade are a balance between Ashkan's photography business and his heritage featuring Farsi calligraphy by artist Nasim Harandi. Butterflies, a print pictured above, features ethically-sourced butterflies which have been preserved by Bug in a Box, another popular Houston-based artist, which surrounds Yuriko Kajiya, the Houston Ballet's Principal dancer. Click here to watch the process while the art piece is being created!


The Seductions exhibit will be taking up a majority of the gallery. Works from other well-known artists such as Grant Schexnider from New Orleans, Mathieu Jean Baptiste born in Port Au Prince and now residing in Houston, Robin Ewing from Alabama, now living in Texas, and Daniel E. Zamora who was a previous National Makeup Artist for Estée Lauder Corp all have artwork on display.


Glade Gallery is typically open to the public, if you are planning your trip around an exhibit, call ahead at 832-557-8781 to ensure they will not be closed for a private event.


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Artworks on exhibit at Glade Gallery are available for sale. Whether you are interested in starting your at-home art gallery or you are already an avid art collector, if you find a piece that you love, be sure to ask Glade if it's still available!

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