Known for its large number of public art pieces, the creativity and beauty of The Woodlands continue to grow each year. The Woodlands Arts Council stands firm in its mission to promote public art with the Art Bench Project, which since the program's inception in 2015 has blossomed to two dozen Art Benches.

You Are Loved Art Bench

You Are Loved Art Bench


Public art is meant to be seen and touched and the You Are Loved bench does that, and more. Each end of the bench includes an interactive "speaker" feature where visitors can whisper messages to the user on the other end. To create this playful piece, three architects, Michelle Old, Stacy Moore, and Kevin Giuseppetti from The Woodlands worked together and drew inspiration from previous professional projects to design and bring the You Are Loved art bench to life. With such a power statement "You Are Loved," I envision many proposals and celebrations will be had on this bench, further adding to the meaning of the bench and culture that outdoor art provides to the community. You Are Loved is located in lower Town Green Park near the turning basin on The Woodlands Waterway.


Art Bench - Texas Dawn Water Lily

Art Bench - Texas Dawn Water Lily


Inspired by the vision provided by the bench underwriters, artist Kyle Thornley captures the connection of the native ecosystem with the urbanization of The Woodlands Waterway. The Texas Dawn Water Lily combines the natural setting of The Woodlands with the creative expression of art. This unique art bench is located on the south side of The Woodlands Waterway across from The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

Insider Tip: Real lily pads are just a short walk down The Woodlands Waterway, for an up-close look at them, take a free tour of The Koi Garden.


Art Bench Penstemon


Playing off of the areas nature, Penstemon is meant to remind visitors of the beauty and nature around them. The leaf seats and the vertical flower spikes and tubular blooms of the art piece are symbolic in the benches design. The artist Daniel Hornung's objective was to create a piece that is relevant to the environment around it. With wildflowers and pollinators being a common landscaping trait in The Woodlands, an art bench featuring a wildflower such as a Penstemon fits the area perfectly. To see it for yourself, you'll find the bench at the top of the hill behind the Montgomery County South Regional Library.


Art Bench - Mythical Senses


When constructing the Mystical Senses art bench, artist Gaston Carrio wanted to hone in on the sounds of nature and the environment in which the bench sat. Mystical Senses is located directly in front of a wall of manmade waterfalls. The benches oval design heightens the sounds of the nearby waterfall for those sitting in it.

While you are looking at art benches, you can check out the other benches that Gaston has designed in The Woodlands. Proud Souls is near Mystical Senses and Unmasked Symbiosis is located in Hughes Landing.

Insider Tip: For a unique seat during concerts in Hughes Landing, visitors can enjoy a seat on Unmasked Symbiosis. While the concert stage faces the opposite direction guests are still close enough to clearly hear the music.

For a special look at how public art impacts The Woodlands, view the video above. Nick Wolda, President of Visit The Woodlands was interviewed during this short film, which highlights art in The Woodlands, The Woodlands Arts Festival, and The Art Bench Project.

"See the public the art while you are out and about, enjoying the beauty of the nature and the creativity of mankind." - Nick Wolda, President of Visit The Woodlands

Local companies, organizations, and individuals underwrite benches as part of The Art Bench Project. The donation for underwriting the art bench not only covers the cost for artists to design the bench, but it allows for The Woodlands Arts Council to provide community outreach and year-round education programs. The Woodlands Township installs, insures, and maintains the art through at partnership with The Woodlands Arts Council which continues to build public art each year.

The walkability of the area in along with the ease of using the free Trolley make an art tour top of the list for many visitors. With so many public art pieces to see, it's easy to plan a self-guided art tour while you visit The Woodlands. A large amount of public art can be found along The Waterway or in Hughes Landing.

Insider Tip: Rent a swan boat from the Riva Row Boat House for a more unique art tour. You can pedal The Woodlands Waterway and view several Art Benches and sculptures directly from the boat!