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Bravest of the Brave

Town Green Park
The Woodlands, TX 77380
The "Bravest of the Brave" Texas Marines Medal of Honor Monument was designed by sculptor J. David Nunneley. It is ten feet in height and made of black granite, pyramidal shape rests on a gray circular base. Each of the vertical edges inscribed in gold lettering: MEDAL OF HONOR (front), VALOR (right), SEMPER FI (back), and U.S. MARINE CORPS (left). A bronze sculpture with a square base with the Medal of Honor, the Nation's highest award, in bold relief, on each of the four sides and supporting the Marine Eagle, Globe, and Anchor--the symbol of the United States Marine Corps. Seventeen Marines from Texas, including one Navy corpsman who served with a Marine unit, have been awarded the Navy Medal of Honor for service above and beyond the call of duty in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. Their rank, name, age, town, and battle have been etched in gold lettering on the front surface of the pyramid. The placard which rests nearby states: The Medal of Honor is the highest award that can be given for valor in military action against an enemy force. Each recipient must have shown gallantry and fearlessness at the risk of his live above and beyond the call of duty. The President of the United States, on behalf of congress, generally presents the award to its recipient or to the surviving family. Please note that most of those honored by this memorial died in battle.