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Light Balls Bench

Waterway Square
The Woodlands, TX
"Light Balls Bench" BY MANFRED KIELNHOFER Manfred “KILI” Kielnhofer visited the technical College Linz where he took his final exam in 1995. Kielnhofer’s most famous work is, “Guardians of Time”, Festival of Lights (Berlin) at the French Cathedral, Berlin, Velotaxi 2011. In 2010, he developed the concept of Light Art Biennale Austria. His work includes both Public Art and exhibitions around the world including Berlin, Dubai, Venice and to the U.S. including New York, Michigan and Texas. His work has been published since 2005 in Contemporary Arts magazines and collectible books including Masters Contemporary Arts in 2008 and EYES IN, cover page of World’s Innovative Creators & their Masterpieces. Underwritten by: The Howard Hughes Corporation